The Serra do Urubu, in the state of Pernambuco, is considered one of the most important regions for the conservation of birds in the Neotropical region.

The critical situation of the region in relation to conservation and its importance for biodiversity in the global context pushed SAVE Brasil to acquire a property of 360 hectares, named Fazenda Pedra D’Anta and afterwards recognized as a Private Nature Reserve (RPPN) in 2004. RPPN Pedra D’Anta borders with RPPN Frei Caneca, creating a section of forest that is approximately 1,000 hectares of protected and preserved Atlantic Forest.

Serra do Urubu houses 10 species of globally threatened birds, considered by SAVE Brasil and BirdLife International an IBA (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area) of priority action. To preserve this rich reserve site, SAVE Brasil acts on four main ‘fronts’: protection and maintenance of the reserve, education and dissemination, public policy, research, and the monitoring of birds. The actions of SAVE Brasil in the Serra do Urubu are developed in partnership with the Association for the Protection of the Atlantic Forest of the Northeast (AMANE-Associação para a Proteção da Mata Atlântica do Nordeste).